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pet stains and odor removal
Pet Stains & Odors

When dealing with a pet stain, response time is most important. Quick action will increase the odds of successful removal. What is used to treat a pet stain and/or odor plays a very important role as well, using just any spotting treatment can sometimes make matters worse. There are products out there that, when used on some natural fabrics and/or fibers, could possibly set a stain or, even worse, "bleach" out the affected area! The fabric/fiber type to be treated should be indentified and even tested in order to avoid permanent damage. biokleen pet stain treatment Our pet spotting product of choice, for treating pet urine, vomit, feces, etc., is Bio-Kleen's "Bac-Out". This enzyme product will break down the stain and/or odor by digesting it. Having used this product for quite a few years, we have seen it work wonders. Although we could never guarantee that it will get every pet stain out, (especially if they are old or on a natural fiber/fabric) if you get to the source, you will have a better chance. Bac-out is safe to use on a variety of fabrics/fibers and can be used in a variety of different ways. Visit their website for more information:

If you have an emergency and do not have Bac-out or a similar enzyme product, try these:

White Vinegar
Urine spots on your carpet or rug, that are still damp, try some white vinegar, which neutralizes odors, due to its high acidity, and works well even if the stain or smell has been there for a while. Start by blotting the area, rather than rubbing it, which will only push the stain further into the carpeting fibers. Then mix equal parts white vinegar and cold water, and pour the mixture generously over the soiled section. Blot well, and then let it dry. (A fan can help get it dry faster.) When dry,  vacuum the area.

Baking Soda
For dry urine spots, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the soiled affected area, and let it sit for a couple hours before vacuuming.

Club Soda
Club soda works pretty good for pet accidents. It is only effective while the soda is effervescing, so you may need to treat an area several times. Start by blotting the area before pouring the club soda on it. Once the soda has stopped fizzing, immediately blot the spot again, repeating as necessary. If the stain isn't fresh, you'll likely need to follow up with the above baking soda treatment.

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