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Green Cleaning

Some people refuse to clean their carpets, rugs and upholstery because they do not want harsh chemicals brought into their home. Some of the chemicals used will stay put in your carpet and upholstery leaving an unpleasant odor for quite some time. Some of the stronger solvent type chemicals can and will breakdown your upholstery and carpet backing, if not used correctly. Companies that use inadequate equipment for their cleaning rely on stronger chemicals to better results. Many people are just not aware of this and we have heard some bad stories through the years of families and their pets getting sick after a cleaning.

green seal certified cleaning products offered We began offering green cleaning solutions years ago, before it became a marketing strategy for the masses.There were not many companies offering organic /plant based carpet cleaning solutions and the few that did were not very effective. Nevertheless, we were determined to move away from toxic soltuions. Early 2000, after hearing some good things about a company called "Biokleen", we began to sample some very effective cleaning solutions. Since then many other companies have followed and started to manufacture natural cleaners. We use products from a variety of companies now( like: Procyon, Chemspec and Earth Friendly Products) and even use some old fashioned standards to boost cleanability like baking soda.

Most of our green cleaners have little to no odor, compared to their toxic counterparts, and rinse freely out of your carpeting, rugs, mattress and upholstery. We have enzyme spotters that will work for pet accidents and other organic matter and safe to use on various carpet fibers and upholstered fabrics. We mention this because spot treating your carpet or upholstery can be tricky and using the wrong product can result in permanent damage. We have seen many "bleached out" stains caused by some of the store bought pet spotters and carpet cleaners.

Chemical Free Cleaning For those who may be very sensitive to any cleaning solution, green or not, we can clean with nature's chemical "H2O" aka water. Although this is not always practical, as most carpeting and upholstery needs some type of a surfactant to break down soils and oils, we do offer it.

Finally, there are instances when green cleaning alone is not suffice and we need to take a different approach. We could treat affected areas with a standard spotter or cleaning solution and then do a chemicals free/water rinse. We do not charge extra for green cleaners, but ask that you bring it to our attention if all you want is green cleaning. Otherwise, we will use our judgment as to what is best.

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